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How & where to place widgets on your website?

In this important step, we will show you where and how to place widgets. You can place widgets either through the WordPress customizer Appearance => Customize => Widgets or in your WordPress dashboard if you go to Appearance => Widgets. Widgets can be placed simply via drag and drop, so just pull your favored widget to the widget area you like.

Please notice: In case you can not see any widgets on your front page after having placed them, it is very likely you have not set a static front page correctly and probably haven’t defined the Homepagetemplate for your static front page as required.


Here you can see the available widget areas of MH Magazine WordPress Theme:

  • Sidebar: Widget area (sidebar left/right) on single posts, pages and archives.
  • Sidebar 2: Second sidebar on single posts, pages and archives. (premium)
  • Header 1 – Advertisement: Advertisement position located above the header. (premium)
  • Header 2 – Advertisement: Advertisement position located within the header. (premium)
  • Home 1 – Home 11: Widget areas on “Homepage” template. (premium)
  • Home 12: Sidebar on homepage template (only active if two sidebars enabled). (premium)
  • Posts 1: Widget area above single post content.
  • Posts 2: Widget area below single post content.
  • Pages 1: Widget area above single page content. (premium)
  • Pages 2: Widget area below single page content. (premium)
  • Footer 1 – Footer 4: Widget areas located in the footer.
  • Contact: Widget area (sidebar) on contact page template. (premium)
  • Contact 2: Second widget area (sidebar) on contact page template. (premium)

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